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Our core services include:

  • Real estate, economic & financial.  Assessment and financial optimization of business cases, combining economic and land economic principles to create financial projects and strategic planning, implementation oversight and guidance, including procurement advisory, negotiation and implementation.  Broader services include Triple Bottom Line assessments and a variety of real estate support, including Court-appointed receiverships.
  • Ecological & environmental.  Assessment, planning and implementation of ecological systems for government and landowners, including management of regulatory processes and executive advisory services on policy.
  • Energy & engineering.  Assessment of energy optimization and recovery for industry, business and communities.  This includes assessment and planning for energy optimization, resource recovery from waste and related oversight.
  • Governance & policy.  Strategic advisory on regulatory, governance and policy aspects specializing in sustainability.  Includes policy review and assessment, facilitation and environmental advisory services. 

Pivotal was formed following a study for the government of British Columbia, on whether resources can be recovered from waste.  We found it could, and could be both environmentally and financially superior, providing the approach is integrated.  Hence "Integrated Resource Management".


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