Pivotal has confidentiality agreements with systems and technology suppliers to allow us to evaluate and deploy the best systems for any project needs.  This allows us to develop implementable models from a knowledge of practical suitability, entirely compatible with the internationally-accepted "Swiss Challenge" procurement approach, where solutions are developed as a "straw man" to be assured that a system is feasible, which then allows alternatives to be identified.  Standard procurement approaches are also possible.

Pivotal has relationships with TSI Corp. of Lynnwood, Washington, and West BioFuels, Woodland, CA, to develop Advanced Biomass Gasification, which also accessed to renowned international energy specialists at the University of California San Diego and Davis campuses, and the Technical University of Vienna, Austria.  These are amongst the top academic and research centres globally.  Through this, we collaborate with a wide range of other organisations throughout Europe and North America.

Through these mechanisms we and our partner alliances seek to advance the research, development and deployment of advanced energy systems; stimulate the advancement and deployment of biomass and waste through providing some of the most advanced systems and thinking in Europe and North America; enhance recycling and reuse compatible with the UN's Brundtland Commission declaration on sustainable development; and reduce GHGs, consistent with the direction of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  Our goal is to strengthen systems deployment to advance sustainable energy systems, globally.


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