Environmental Services

Subsurface Assessment

Pivotal has in-house technical specialists in environmental assessment, sustainability, environmental auditing, pollution prevention and environmental management serving both private and public sector clients across Western Canada and internationally.  Besides government and First Nations, we have assisted several industrial sectors including forestry, oil & gas, mining & smelters, waste management, cement manufacturing, transportation, overhaul & repair, food & beverage, real estate, land development and financial institutions.


Staff managed and prepared a comprehensive multi-disciplinary environmental assessment for a major highway upgrade of Hwy 15 to the USA border crossing which addressed air shed quality, wildlife with focus on red listed species, hydrology of the Serpentine and Nicomekl rivers, water quality, fisheries, vegetation and socioeconomic conditions including health and safety of residents. The air shed and water quality assessments included field sampling and theoretical dispersion modeling, the results were difficult to calculate because of the complexity and magnitude of the air shed and water shed pollutant loadings from multiple sources. The socioeconomic and environmental assessment was completed inside of 12 months and at less than half the cost of a competing project performed by others. Pivotalís expertise and experience saves time and money for our clients.


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