Life Cycle Analysis & Assessment

Malaysian biomass life cycle projection

Life cycle analysis is the technique of assessing the costs and benefits of a possible project over its projected life.  While some look at life cycle using a single method or approach, often looking solely at a single solution, we use a multi-dimensional approach and compare options' life cycles.  That's because assessments that use for example a Discounted Cash Flow model, have inherent underlying (and easily demonstrated) flaws.  Our assessments are based on internationally accepted standards that include multiple metrics, that also integrate financial with environmental dimensions. 

We have taught Life Cycle Valuation internationally, including for CaGBC and two Canadian universities, advised British Columbia government executive and provided guidance on sustainable capital planning for Treasury Board.  The largest life cycle model we assessed and implemented was expected to save the province of BC C$9.7bn (2020).

  • "This is more sophisticated than I have seen from any of the major accounting firms" - Tony Guglielmin following his review/audit of one of our life cycle models.  Former CFO Canada Line project, a $1.7bn P3; CFO, Ballard Engineering.
  • "Not only are you right, but I had better check what we're teaching our students because I think we're wrong.  If any questions this tell them to call me." - Michael Goldberg on review/audit of one of our models.  Dr Goldberg is Dean Emeritus, University of BC Sauder School of Business and former head, Universitas 21, a collaboration of 21 universities setting real estate and economic education standards.


For a Malaysian company, remodelled their proposed biomass and waste processing project exceeding 1,000 tonnes per day to optimize value.  In Canada, developed a projection for a comprehensive IRM model to integrate liquid and solid waste, including risk and sensitivity analysis, GHG models, with 1,800 cash flows. For the Government of Canada, confidential review of leases, contracts and operating models for an internationally-renowned asset, completing sensitivity analysis and life cycle review with recommendations on strategic restructuring.


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