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Dockside Green WWTP

Liquid waste planning and management has been managed as a cost that prevents environmental issues to protect biodiversity and human health. IRM is a required part of British Columbia's Guidelines for liquid waste planning and if properly implemented, can result in not only improved environmental results but considerably superior financial benefits. 


A community commissioned Pivotal to review their draft liquid waste plan.  Although we identified a considerable increase in costs would be necessary - more than tripling the previously identified cost - we showed how the extra cost could be restructured and financed to minimize taxpayer impacts while accelerating implementation, showing how that it equated to six cups of coffee per year for each resident.  Our research, analysis and completion of the assessment was undertaken in one tenth the time of the prior work, at a fraction of the cost. 

A study for three communities recommended a system at $345m project cost. We reviewed the system and found the cost would be $1.1bn.  An equivalent IRM system was projected to be at least $1.14bn better financially, recycling 10% of the community’s water and potentially eliminating liquid waste treatment costs, with superior ecological and environmental results. If further optimized, the project should be capable of being $1.4-1.5bn better.

We led the management of Dockside Green Waste Water Treatment Plant, Victoria, BC, which recycles up to 80% of the liquid wastewater for the project which at buildout, is anticipated will house ≈15,000 people.


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