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This page provides materials that explain more about IRM and Pivotal, including published papers and work undertaken by Pivotal staff and associates.  See also our technical library.

IRM Overview

General IRM Summary: A two page document outlining what IRM is and how it works, what the benefits and technologies are and why it's significantly different.

Esquimalt study

Assessment of whether and how IRM could be implemented for the Township of Esquimalt, BC using Municipal Solid Waste to address the community's declared Climate Emergency.  Projected to exceed corporate GHG emission reduction targets and be viable, the project gained 85% public support.  Available documents include: (1) the detailed Technical Assessment; (2) a Project Summary, including public engagement results; (3) a short Project Overview; (4) the Council presentation of the technical findings.  Pivotal also developed a 9 minute YouTube video to support public engagement and explain the project simply to the community.  The public engagement webinar and other information is available from the Township's web site.  Council unanimously approved proceeding.

North Shore Study

An analysis undertaken by a team including Pivotal staff analysing IRM for the City and District of North Vancouver and the District of West Vancouver, population +/-180,000 with +/-40,000 homes.

Colwood Study

Analysis of implementing IRM for the City of Colwood.  Population +/-15,500 with +/-5,000 homes.  A more comprehensive analysis was also provided but retained in confidence pending adoption due to privacy concerns.

IRM Study

The original study of how resource recovery could be implemented in British Columbia, with case study concept-level assessment of an implementation in Capital Regional District.  Undertaken for the province of British Columbia.  Completed in March 2008, published in May, 2008. 

Implementing IRM - experience in Gothenburg

An interview with Mr Kaj Anderson, Manager of Gothenburg's combined water and waste management division.  This 5 minute video documents what is needed to move towards IRM and what Gothenburg did as steps to achieve integration of their waste streams.  Subsequently to this video being recorded Gothenburg has now implemented an Advanced Gasification system using a fluidized bed reactor.  Includes explanation of the steps taken and underlying prerequisites for successful implementation.  Click to see YouTube video (≈5'35").

IRR Guide

The provincial document "Resources From Waste: A Guide to Integrated Resource Recovery" published by British Columbia's Ministry of Community & Rural Development.


The Commission for Environmental Cooperation ("CEC") is a NAFTA organisation that cooperates on environmental initiatives for Canada the US and Mexico.  For CEC, Pivotal staff wrote a paper on mapping externalities and the impact on green buildings.  The concept applies generally to any project, not just green buildings.

Green Value

Study of the financial attributes of sustainability on buildings.  First major international evidence-based study of its kind covering buildings in the UK, Canada and the USA, initiated and led by Pivotal staff.  See the summary, main study, detailed case studies, or presentation at GreenBuild.

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