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Riverlands study,
Red Deer, AB

Primarily covering economic (development, investment and finance), energy and sustainability disciplines, our management expertise has been involved in projects as diverse as London's Canary Wharf to projects in Italy, Canada, the USA and the Philippines.  We have contributed to international standards in valuation and sustainability sectors, led global initiatives on sustainability and projects have gained UN and World Bank recognition.  We have acquired and sold sites, buildings, investments and undertaken due diligence for a wide variety of projects.

We thus provide a wide range of real estate services including: development pro forma, viability and demand analysis; life cycle assessment/valuation; sustainable building and energy support services; LEED-accredited planning and related services; building and neighbourhood energy planning; cost/benefit analyses etc.


For the City of Victoria, Pivotal staff analysed how to optimize a large central development site (15,000 people at buildout) recommending changing to a different structure and use.  After 20 years' inability to progress, Dockside Green was commenced, recognized by the UN as one of the world's keystone sustainable developments.  Because of this success, the City of Red Deer hired Pivotal to assist with the revitalization and redevelopment of its Riverlands site, an important large site adjacent to the downtown core.  The City expresses it as a desire to go 'beyond Dockside' while ensuring development cost is the same or less, i.e. viable sustainability.

For a community of 5,000, advised on restructuring a key asset in the municipal core, which had failed to lease using traditional real estate leasing approaches.  Worked with staff to identify public-private business potential linked to government services, then negotiated leases for over two thirds of the building, including tenant-driven renovation, increasing leasable area and securing market rents.

See also for example the Green Value study in the library.


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