Fluidized Bed Advanced Gasifier

The FICFB includes Europe's most efficient renewable natural gas plant, since 2014.

The first Fast Internally Circulating Fluidized Bed Advanced Gasifier ["FICFB"] was built in Güssing, Austria and commenced operations in 2001.  Originally intended as a commercial-scale demonstration plant with 48 dry tonne capacity, it proved sufficiently successful to convert to commercial use and now includes a +/-40km District Energy Loop serving the entire town, which has a population of ≈6,000 population.  The plant's success led to subsequent plants in Austria, Germany and Sweden and now includes Europe's most efficient renewable natural gas gasification plant. 

The systems are efficient and high yielding because they internally recirculate products (tars, chars etc.) to fuel the system, making them most economic in larger installations.  The systems are scaled and designed to suit specific needs, with most using wood waste biomass, but also suitable for agricultural wastes and MSW.  Some have been redeployed to facilitate renewable heat generation for cement plants.



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