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Governments and businesses often need help planning for and implementing the best infrastructure solutions.  Pivotal helps assess needs and plan this, including by reviewing technology options with a focus on maximizing value using Integrated Resource Management ["IRM"] - a full life cycle assessment model and combined financial and environmental assessment.  A summary example of this kind of assessment is embedded in the study undertaken for the Township of Esquimalt (see s4.1 of the Technical Review - pdf page 60).  In British Columbia, this type of options assessment is required in waste management plans.

While we consider any technology, one of the key ones we find suitable for most purposes is Advanced Gasification.  Developed over many years, this is highly scalable, efficient and small, as well as comparatively inexpensive, especially when viewed over its life cycle.  The ability to handle a wide range of wastes with a substantial array of outputs means it can yield revenues not feasible with other options.  For more information contact Pivotal or see summaries on the RotoGasifier, Fluidized bed or CircleDraft systems.  Papers covering biochar and energy systems are also available.


A community planned to pump an average 598 wet tonnes per day of slurried biosolids approximately 20km to an energy centre comprising an anaerobic digester, dryers and an incinerator.  The equivalent IRM approach using an Advanced Gasifier was evaluated by independent engineers, but not evaluated financially.  Using Pivotal's IRM approach the overall life cycle total net costs worked out at $655m more expensive for the proposed anaerobic digestion solution.  Both resource recovery and GHG reduction is better with an IRM approach.  Pivotal partnered with companies valued at approaching C$20bn to guarantee the solutions and reduce the cost.  The projected GHG reduction of using Advanced Gasification is more than 10 times the savings from the proposed anaerobic digestion solution, at a fraction of the cost. 


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