Generating Energy

ORC plant for project part-funded by government of California.

ORC video

Advanced Gasification has mainly been deployed for energy generation and has developed experience with suitable energy systems.  Energy generation falls into three main classes: (A) electrical; (B) thermal; and, (C) renewable natural gas.

  1. Electrical generation at existing Advanced Gasification plants uses both cogeneration units or Organic Rankine Cycle ["ORC"] systems:
  • Cogen is well known and stable and relies on a stable syngas, thus being better suited to consistent feedstock such as wood, but less well suited to variable feedstocks such as MSW;
  • ORC systems have a wider range of proven suppliers, can be designed for specific purposes and are easier to phase.
  1. Thermal systems (heating and cooling) is produced from combustion of syngas with the heat captured and as/if desirable, converted to cooling using an absorption chiller. 
  2. Renewable natural gas is possible using methanation to leverage hydrogen and carbon ratios available from fluidized bed systems.  Experience with plants show that viability will vary by location depending on feed-in-tariffs.

Experience has shown that generation systems need to be tailored depending on needs, system and feedstock, and we typically recommend phasing systems for both capital and system management reasons.  More information is available on request.

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