Solid Waste

RotoGasifier schematic

Solid waste and biomass is a key part of a potential IRM system.  Landfills usually generate considerable leachate pollution and are one of the largest sources of GHG emissions. Gasification can capture and generate heating, cooling, power, fertilizers, and more.  Our IRM Process analyses how to optimize this and creates an implementable plan.


An international engineering group studied solid waste management options for three communities and concluded the best option would cost $119m. We reviewed the recommended system and found that if optimized using IRM, the systems could be structured differently with taxpayer benefits of +/-$340m, with considerably better ecological and environmental results.

We also reviewed the proposed organics recycling plan. The proposed system will result in 63% reuse and recycling. An IRM approach and optimised system would be capable of reusing and recycling up to 97% with reduced costs and risks (see also the recycling and technologies pages).


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