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Pivotal IRM explained

Pivotal helps communities plan and implement solutions for liquid and solid waste, known as Integrated Resource Management or "IRM". 

IRM turns waste into a resource, which is both environmentally and financially sensible.  It improves the environment, generates clean energy and jobs, supports communities and more, while reducing taxes and costs.

  • For communities, IRM is better for the environment and better for taxpayers;
  • For developers and business it reduces cost and risk, thus adding to the bottom line.

IRM applies a business discipline to waste management linking engineering, water and other disciplines to maximize value from resource recovery.  For more detail see the IRM Aspects page or read the summary.  Also read about our technologies.

IRM was reviewed by Dr. Charles McNeill, Manager of the United Nations Development Programme's Environmental Program Team, who concluded:

"I conclude that this IRM plan is conceptually sound and on the right track, and if implemented it would likely provide a model of great value to countless municipalities throughout the world."


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