RotoGasifier Advanced Gasifier

The RotoGasifier Advanced Gasifier ["RG"] is a recirculating horizontal gasifier.  It is flexible in sizing, can be deployed as a mobile unit and plants include the world's largest pellet plant, used to create renewable fuel in the USA, for the UK.

The RotoGasifier commenced development in the early 1990's as biomass dryers.  Initially deployed as pyrolysis units, the systems have been modified to achieve full gasification by increasing temperature and process duration, which is an approach common to other Advanced Gasification systems.  The horizontal layout allows for rotation, which facilitates accepting a wide range of feedstocks and the systems can thus be designed, scaled and deployed to suit most needs.

Current systems range from the smallest unit at 240kg/day - which is a mobile system suitable for testing, emergency and disaster relief - to the largest RotoGasifier, which has a capacity exceeding 1,000 dry tonnes per day and is used to create RDF (renewable energy pellets), shipped to the UK from the USA.  RotoGasifiers are currently operating mostly for waste biomass processing, e.g. bagasse (sugar cane waste) processing in Louisiana - similar in nature to separated MSW kitchen scraps.

While Fluidized Bed Advanced Gasification is the highest yielding Advanced Gasification system, RotoGasifiers are intended as the primary technology for MSW processing due to their scalability and robust handling characteristics.


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